One call makes you the hero.

Welcome to Eagle's Wings Air (EWA) - your one-call solution for airline reservations and proactive monitoring & management.

At EWA, we recognize the critical nature of every decision you make for the families you serve. Your reputation, after all, is the most valuable asset you have. And few decisions are more complex or stressful than trying to determine an airline itinerary for your ship-out.

That's why EWA is here to help. We're the nation's leading provider of transportation management services to North American funeral homes and shipping services.

With one call, the transportation experts at EWA:

  • Search all available flights
  • Make and handle reservations
  • Pre-pay any flight charges
  • Proactively monitor the status throughout the entire process
  • Keep you informed and up-to-date

Stop worrying about multiple airlines and complex itineraries. With one call to EWA, we take care of everything. And make you the hero to your clients.

Contact us anytime

Our team of transportation experts is ready to assist you any day of the week.  Call us at (866) 550-1EWA (1392), e-mail us or submit an airline reservation request through our website. We'll take it from there.

(866) 550-1EWA (1392)
Monday-Friday 8:30AM to 8:30PM (ET) Saturday & Sunday 9:00AM to 5:30PM (ET) Airline Reservation Requests